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Booking rules

Reservation rules:

The correctness of the information provided by the hotel and all the information and specifications that come from the hotel and hotel of apartments, including:
Letter rates, toll calculation method, service, breakfast, room, pool and sauna, transfer from airport and railway, and all facilities and equipment displayed by Mehrbanseir.ir, are displayed in the same way as the Reserve World Reserves And displayed on the site, so all information responsibilities are the responsibility of the hotel. If you create the slightest doubts about the information mentioned above, you can book the reservation system before attempting to Book your hotel, check the correct information and click on the name of the hotel to complete the hotel through the hotel’s website. Get it or email it to the hotel

All bookings made automatically to the end of the Internet have been determined and finalized with

 the responsibility of this system, but in rare cases, the cancellation of only a few hours (office) after making an online reservation due to hotel errors, observing the faults and problems in The booked room will have
 security reasons in the hotel due to the synchronization 
of the booking with the arrival of high-profile people or the mistakes of the staff or the hotel's hotel staff, in which 
case another hotel is being prepared for the passenger at the same time or in
 the case of Inability to return the traveler's money, and in this case 
the traveler has no right to do so Standing in the center will not be

.Vanin Konselly Each hotel is subject to the same hotel reservation laws and is different per reservation. At the request of a consellor, firstly coordinate with your booking officer for the cost of the consignment, although the relevant consignment laws are listed in the hotel’s supplementary information section.

In the absence of a passenger traveling at the time of booking, the room for the passenger is kept blank and will not be refunded.
It is obligatory to have identification documents upon arrival at the hotel, and the friendly booking system of the world will have no responsibility for this matter.
The time of delivery or evacuation of the room is in accordance with the law of the hotel. If it is necessary to deliver the room earlier than the desired time or discharge later than the time stated, it is surely necessary to coordinate
All prior arrangements for specific conditions must be recorded in the passenger's voucher (reservation confirmation) and will not be unacceptable.

The reservation will be final after the payment has been completed, the problems of the banking system in the payment of the Internet so that it will not be deposited into the account of this company will not be considered as a
 definite reservation, which will be notified to the traveler within 24 hours.
Because of the relative utility of the system, this system does not have any responsibility for things such as welcoming at the airport and rail, quality of the room, quality of food and hotel services, etc.
Reservation of reservations and reservation of reservations will be documented solely to the witch (reservation confirmation).
As long as your reservation is not ready, there is a possibility that the discounts will be changed. Changing the exchange rate will change the price of a hotel room in different days or hours.
After making reservations and issuing receipts, the website assumes that the hotel has been booked on that date, but does not ensure that the hotel is provided with the passenger. The presentation of the correct personal information, such as the name according to the name in the passport, number of passengers, age and ... is the responsibility of the user. The problems caused by the user to enter incorrect information will not be the responsibility of the website (please enter the names in English)
This reservation only includes the reservation of the hotel and includes items such as transportation, parking, car rental, etc., unless previously agreed upon and this will be reflected in the booking confirmation.
An extra charge is available for drinks such as drinks and drinks, a sauna, a jacuzzi, 
a swimming pool, an internet connection, etc., which are not listed in the hotel contract. 
The passenger is obliged to pay them directly to the hotel.
If the contract is canceled by the passenger, according to the agreement on the deduction of the consignment fee, it will be repaid only through the account number or bank card previously announced by him.
 The refund process may take up to a week.
Entry / Exit to / from the hotel, in the hotel information section, reservation and email confirmation of booking, and the passenger is obliged to schedule it according to it. Otherwise, the cost is borne by the customer and is beyond the scope of the system.


By making reservations on this website, you will be legally bound by the hotel in which you booked the room. In this contract, we only play a mediating role: We send your booking information to the hotel and send us an confirmation email from the hotel.
The names of children over two years of age must necessarily be mentioned when booking. Hence the choice of rooms should be based on the number of children
. Other online reservation rules are in accordance with the Islamic Republic of Iran Electronic Commerce Law.
Attention :
Those who disturb and interfere in any form of the Reservation System, including the creation of multiple temporary reservations or telephone calls, have been subjected to serious cybercrime, based on the e-commerce law and the Feta Police (Police of Production and Information Exchange) The levels will be referred to the judiciary for follow-up
There is no possibility to travel abroad or to ban the departure of the reservation system, and this system only reserves the right to book.
Due to the fact that the reservation is made through global networks and online, if you notice that you are out of the reservation after booking, or if you can not travel, you will be treated in accordance with the terms of the consular (usually 100% damage). Even your consignment request will be made minutes after the reservation. Given that your reservation is made via global networks and online, the consellation or hotel change with the console conditions (which is usually 100% damage) is possible, so the wrong reason It will not be possible to console or change the hotel.