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CIP services

CIP services

In many cases, travelers are looking for proprietary and convenient services for their journeys so that they can travel with the least stress and concern, and for this purpose various airports have been offering certain services called CIP services.

Travelers interested in using this service can already purchase it from the tourist agencies under the airport agreement. Therefore, it’s very important to use the optimal time for many busy and large passengers, whether it is domestic and international when booking air tickets, or for foreign flights and when buying airline tickets.

Thus, the special status of airports allows passengers to fly in order to save time and keep their peace of mind all the airport arrival and departure process in a special and formal manner. In this place, which is designed as a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere for special guests, respected travelers can take along with direct or courteous guests without the need to implement the normal procedures and procedures of the airport operations, including receiving flight cards, delivery and waiting times. Long queues, while relaxing and dining in their dignity, include coffee shops, well-equipped campus, high-speed internet, luxurious suites for lodging, private car parking, Saman Bank’s exclusive suites and DUTY FREE stores.


Immam Khomeini Airport’s CIP services and services, including transfer from the stairs to the location of the station or transfer from the ceremony to stairs with special vehicles. On the other hand, the time-consuming and tedious matters of the airport, such as obtaining a flight card and the allocation of suitable seats, and the delivery of luggage and travel equipment, including other airport services. Special guests from their guests and their companions during their rest and stay at the Imam Khomeini airport formalities, as well as the airport inspection by the dedicated gate, is among other services of the CIP of Imam Khomeini Airport.