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Espinas Palace Hotel

Espinas Palace Hotel , located in Saadat Abad (Northwest of Tehran) with a beautiful view, is the third largest hotel in the Spins Hotel Group, with a variety of venues equipped with the latest in modern technology for organizing various events including parties, events, celebrations , Festivals, exhibitions, concerts and conferences. There are various restaurants with a variety of cuisine, shops, galleries, sports space, and bowling venues. One of the most important features of this unique hotel, in addition to its architecture and exceptional visibility, is the provision of various services and services to highly valued guests by professional, capable and enthusiastic employees.
Hotel Espinas Palace  is one of the best and best hotels in Tehran with the best modern and classical facilities, a wide variety of accommodation units and more than 14 meeting halls for various events ranging from 20 to 1500 people in different venues and more than 40 work rooms. And the superstar will host your guests. Our goal is to satisfy the guests and create a different experience, and we will not hesitate to make any effort to achieve this. We are able to host your lucky guests with gourmet Persian cuisine in a different atmosphere.


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