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Introduction :

The Merciful Travel Agency of the world has always tried to advance the country’s tourism industry and move along with the international achievements and achievements of this industry. Hence, for more than three years, we have been developing and updating our online services with various researches and studies on the progress made in tourism technologies.

The result of all these ongoing efforts is a software and hardware platform that is integrated and fully in line with the technology of the day, with its developmental areas growing day by day. From the information technology activities of the Manganese Agency of the World we can mention some of the following options:

Online shopping for international hotels :

The travel agency has been around for over 10 years, working closely with GTA’s prestigious and reputable hotel sales and travel groups. The merciful travel agency of the world is the only Iranian representative of them, and sometimes it has been the only active representative in times of hard economic times. Hence, by conducting various negotiations, Merban Saar’s agency was the first web-service provider to connect with GTA in Iran, which, by implementing its Web site in late 92, was one of the first agencies to have the online sales system of the world’s hotels.

Buy online international flights :

Following the success of the hotel’s instant hotel reservation system, the Merbanseirdonya Travel Agency has been seeking to expand its online service range, and naturally the service it was hiding was a system for online sales of flights around the world. As a result, the World’s Merciful Agency has entered into negotiations with two prestigious companies Amadeus and Iati so that they can add this essential feature to their services by establishing a web-based communication service. Both companies first have Iati, and then Amadeus, the ability to connect, and now these systems are being tested and tested in the AJAZA suite so that they will soon be available to the public.