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Mehrbanseir While respecting the privacy of users, they are asking users to buy, comment, or use some of the features of the website to provide users with a secure and secure service. For processing and sending orders, information such as address, telephone number and email is required, and since all kindly activities are legitimate and based on e-commerce laws. Therefore, it is necessary to enter information such as the name and national code for natural persons or the economic code and the national ID for organizational purchases. Customers can enter the name, address, and phone of someone else for their purchase, and the compassionate traveler will only use this information for the same purchase.

Password maintenance is a responsibility of users, and users must not disclose it to someone else to prevent any potential misuse. The Merciful The Road of the World confesses the personal identity of the users and does not transfer their personal information to any other person or organization unless it is legally required to provide the competent authorities.

Like the other websites, the world’s compassionate like collecting IPs and cookies, but the secure protocols, servers, and secure layers of the world and the proper data management practices protect user information and prevent unauthorized access.

The merrier of the world’s way of protecting and maintaining the information and privacy of all makes use of its power and hopes to provide a safe, convenient and enjoyable experience for all users.