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Terms and Conditions of Use of Services and Services in the World

According to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the rules of cybercrime and the collection of e-commerce laws and regulations are in effect in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Iran.
Services and content provided by the authoritative website of the world are being produced for use on this website. Any abuse of information, texts, photographs, drawings, designs, logos, etc. from this website is prosecuted and no individual or legal person is permitted to abuse the content of this website. The mention of the contents of this website on the Internet is permitted only by the name and website URL of the authoritative website of the world and the link to the mentioned article, and in the paper media, with the written permission of the website authorities.

Users are committed to enter their information when registering and booking correctly on the website. If the information is incomplete or inaccurate, the responsibility for the consequences of this will be the responsibility of users.

The user undertakes to correct any changes in his / her personal data as soon as possible on the Website of the Merciful Garrison. Otherwise, this website will not be held liable for the consequences of inaccurate information.

The Merciful Website is dedicated to selling airline tickets online and will not be liable for any inconvenience, delay, or delay.

Any misuse of the Merciful Name of the World, the Merciful Website of the World, the Correspondence to the Merciful Garris of the World, or the use of similar names that raise doubts about similarity and conformity are prohibited through complaints to competent authorities, the courts for the prosecution of crimes Internet at home or abroad, as well as information to Internet service providers and servers.

The Kindle Website will not share the personal information of the users with any other collection, and competent authorities will only be able to use this information in the cases specified in the law.

Reserve and purchase charter terms and conditons


charter flights are subject to more changes compared to system flights, and in 1% of cases they may not be available, in which case, if you purchase alternative tickets, the total cost of the new ticket, along with the difference in price, will be returned to you by the charterer. . The merciful spirit of the world is doing its utmost to reduce this risk to zero.

If the charter flight is canceled and no alternative ticket is received by the agency, the ticket will be fully refunded.

A charter ticket for a newborn for up to 2 years is equivalent to 10% of the total cost of an adult ticket that must be provided at the airport.

The charter ticket price for children between the ages of 2 and 12 is equal to the adult ticket price.

Booking terms and conditions and airline ticket purchases

  • Ticket purchases on the Merban Road website are subject to a set of e-commerce laws and regulations and any violations will be prosecuted. Buyer purchases ticket online, and undertakes to know all the terms and conditions of the ticket purchase.
  • ccording to the Civil Aviation Organization, the responsibility of the constellation, delay or delay at the time of flight, is the responsibility of the flight organizer.When registering and booking a ticket, the name of the passenger must be entered correctly in English letters. It is not possible to modify the name of the passenger after the final purchase of the ticket and the kind of the world, no responsibility for the information that was incorrectly entered, and in order to correct the information, the passenger should cancel the ticket and re-purchaseThe purchased ticket belongs to a passenger whose profile has been entered into the system and is non-transferable. Passengers will not be accepted in case of mismatching the passenger’s name in the ticket and identification card.In national aviation laws, baby travelers under two years old, children between the ages of two and twelve, and adult travelers, are more than twelve years of age. In case of inaccuracy of the buyer and incorrect entry of the age class, the passenger will be prevented from boarding the aircraft. And the child’s ticket can not be bought at any time alone and apart from an adult ticket.It should be noted that ticket prices are different for newborn, child and adult travelers, but in charter and non-refundable tickets, the ticket price for a child is equal to the adult.Once paid and confirmed, the booking and purchase are finalized and the ticket information will be emailed to the user. When flying to the airport, a charter flight is required to provide a printed copy of the ticket and on a system flight, a ticket number along with a valid certificate is required to identify the airline in question.Any consignment of a ticket by a passenger, in accordance with national aviation laws, includes a consignment fine. The amount of this fine is different according to the consular laws of each airline. After the passenger has requested a refund, the amount of the fine is deducted from the ticket price and the rest of the money is returned to the traveler’s account online. The term of repayment of money is subject to interbank regulation (between 24 and 72 hours). This is not true of charter or non-refundable flights, and the cost of tickets for these flights is fully paid.

    Cancellation or delay of more than two hours flight does not include a consignment fine. In this case, the traveler will fill out an online application form without penalty.

    It should be noted that if the flight flies back from two different airlines, if the flight is canceled or the departure of the passenger from the flight due to a delay of more than two hours, cancellation of the return flight may include a constellation fine.The buyer does not have the right to change the ticket price, to abide by the terms of the ticket in any way and in any form, or to resell the ticket at a price above the mentioned amount.According to the Civil Aviation Code, you have a doctor’s license for pregnant women, people with cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, epilepsy, severe anemia, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, those who are dialysed or who use immunosuppressive drugs, and Or any illness that is prohibited by air travel is essential when boarding an aircraft. It is also necessary for these travelers to take the medicines they need during their travels.

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